Intake Dates

On this page, you will find an always up-to-date list of Whitecliffe's intake dates.

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ProgrammeJuly 2022 IntakeFebruary 2023 IntakeJuly 2023 Intake
Certificate in Arts + Design22.07.202227.02.202317.07.2023
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Fine ArtsNo Intake13.02.2023No Intake
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Photo MediaNo Intake13.02.2023No Intake
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours)No Intake13.02.2023No Intake
Master of Fine ArtsNo Intake07.02.202324.07.2023
ProgrammeJuly 2022 IntakeFebruary 2023 IntakeJuly 2023 Intake
Certificate in Digital Media + Design22.07.202227.02.202324.07.2023
Bachelor of Design + Digital MediaNo Intake20.02.2023No Intake
Master of Creative Enterprise and Innovation
ProgrammeJuly 2022 IntakeOctober 2022 IntakeFebruary 2023 IntakeMay 2023 IntakeJuly 2023 IntakeOctober 2023 Intake
Certificate in IT Essentials25.07.2022No Intake27.02.2023No Intake24.07.2023No Intake
Certificate in Information Technology25.07.202210.10.202227.02.202315.05.202324.07.202309.10.2023
Diploma in IT: Technical Support25.07.202210.10.202227.02.202315.05.202324.07.202309.10.2023
Diploma in Web Development + Design25.07.202210.10.202227.02.202315.05.202324.07.202309.10.2023
Diploma in Networking25.07.202210.10.202227.02.2023No IntakeNo IntakeNo Intake
Diploma in Software Development25.07.202210.10.202227.02.202315.05.202324.07.202309.10.2023
Bachelor of Applied Information Technology25.07.2022No Intake27.02.202315.05.202324.07.2023No Intake
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology25.07.2022No Intake27.02.2023No Intake24.07.2023No Intake
Master of Information Technology24.07.2023

School of Information Technology Industry Badges

Course NameAugust 2022 IntakeSeptember 2022 IntakeFebruary 2023 Intake
EC-Council: Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)No Intake26.09.202206.02.2023
Red Hat: Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) (RH124 + RH134)No IntakeNo Intake


CompTIA: A+No Intake26.09.202206.02.2023
Oracle: Java FoundationsNo Intake26.09.202206.02.2023
Cisco: CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)No Intake26.09.202206.02.2023
Microsoft: Azure Fundamentals22.08.2022No Intake06.02.2023
Cisco: Internet of Things (IoT) Security22.08.2022No Intake06.02.2023

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