Whitecliffe IT Students Win Big at Gen AI Hackathon

Whitecliffe College's Master of IT students achieved remarkable success at the "Hack to the Future - A Gen AI Hackathon," securing second place with their cutting-edge AI solutions. This achievement highlights the strength of Whitecliffe’s industry-focused programmes and the expertise of its faculty in preparing students for careers in AI and Cyber Security. Discover how our students are leading the way in technological innovation and real-world applications

Whitecliffe College Master of IT Students Shine at Gen AI Hackathon!

Students from Whitecliffe College excelled at the recent “Hack to the Future - A Gen AI Hackathon” held on May 17-18, 2024, in Wellington and Auckland. Hosted by Provoke Solutions, this event brought together top minds from universities across New Zealand, including the University of Auckland (UoA), Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, and Whitecliffe College.

Leadership and Expertise in AI and Cyber Security

Dr. Shahbaz Pervez, Programme Leader of Whitecliffe’s Master of IT programme, was invited to serve as a judge at the hackathon, underscoring Whitecliffe’s leadership in AI and Cyber Security. “Being part of this event allowed me to see the innovative solutions our students are developing. It shows the high quality of our education and how it applies to the real world,” said Dr. Shahbaz.

Outstanding Student Achievements

Among the participating students from Whitecliffe, five stood out: Saad Mansur, Abdullah Shaikh, Rajanbir Tucker, Pawanjit Singh, and Vikas Chauby. Notably, Pawanjit Ghatora and Abdullah Shaikh’s team, “Automatch,” secured second place with their innovative project.

Pawanjit Ghatora’s Journey

Pawanjit Ghatora, now a Principal AI Architect, praised the Master of IT programme for his transformation. “The programme expanded my knowledge in data analytics and AI, which are crucial today. The practical experience I gained was essential during the hackathon,” he said.

Ghatora’s project simplified the car buying process with an app that used AI to provide personalized car suggestions. “Winning second place was rewarding, but the real value was the learning experience. It was a chance to apply my academic knowledge in a competitive setting,” he added.

Abdullah Shaikh’s Experience

Abdullah Shaikh, a Portfolio Manager at 2degrees, also highlighted the positive impact of Whitecliffe’s programme. “The curriculum, based on industry standards and certifications like Ethical Hacking by EC-Council, prepared me for real-world challenges,” he stated.

Shaikh’s project tackled the complexities of car purchasing by creating a virtual representation of the car in the user’s garage, making the decision easier. “The training at Whitecliffe, especially in Python coding and AI integration, was crucial. It was a proud moment to see our hard work recognized,” he remarked.

The success of Whitecliffe students at the Gen AI Hackathon shows the value of its Master of IT programme. Courses are designed to meet industry standards, ensuring students gain skills they can use immediately in their careers. 

Whitecliffe College’s participation and success at the Gen AI Hackathon highlight the effectiveness of its Master of IT programme. The college’s focus on practical experience and a strong theoretical foundation prepare graduates for leadership roles in AI and Cyber Security. As Whitecliffe continues to promote innovation and collaboration, its students are well-positioned to drive technological advancements and achieve professional success.

For more information about our programmes and how we prepare students for the future, visit our School of Technology.

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