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On this page you will find:

  • Online supported delivery commencement dates
  • Changes to the Academic Calendar
  • Alternative Delivery Plan - How?
  • Attendance and progress
  • What support will you receive during this time

Please be assured staff are working hard while teaching and classes are suspended to develop effective and dynamic alternative course delivery and learning support options while we’re all in isolation – we’ll be coming out with more detailed information as we progress with our planning.

Handy COVID-19 Whitecliffe links:

Most of you will already have experienced to a lesser or greater extent online interactions, a distance learning component or communication platforms as a delivery strategy in your courses. With the exception of Technology courses where it is predominantly online content – we are not talking exclusively about online learning – rather distance learning with online support. Much of what you will be doing over the next few weeks will not be on a device, but what you might have been doing had you been able to come to classes or seminars.

Some of you might have already heard from your tutors, lecturers, HoDs or Programme Directors and will be beginning to get an idea of how course content and activities will be shared with you and how you can contribute, participate and respond. Going forward your HoD or Programme Director or Academic Leader and tutors will be your first points of contact regarding your course delivery.

To help us with our planning we need to know more about your situation at home. What resources and capacity do you have to work in this way? To this end you will be asked to respond to a survey we’ll be sending you shortly. Please respond as soon as possible to the survey.

We’ll keep you posted as we make progress towards starting up teaching again.

Online supported delivery commences as follows:

Technology Classes resume
All programmesMonday 30 March 2020 NB: available to provide online support one week earlier than originally anticipated, with scheduled online course sessions commencing 6 April 2020
Fashion TechnologyClasses resume
All programmesMonday 6 April 2020
Arts & DesignClasses resume
MFANo change to calendar
PG Dip AT & MAAT (Clinical)No change to calendar
Level 4 CertificatesMonday 6 April 2020
BFAMonday 6 April 2020
BFA (Hons)Monday 6 April 2020

Delivery of courses will resume as follows. Also note some changes to the published 2020 academic calendar.

Arts and Design:

MFA, PG Dip AT and MAAT (Clinical) programmes - no change to calendars.

L4 A&D Certs, BFA & BFA (Hons)

  • Mon 06 April – Fri 17 April: Two weeks alternative delivery classes to complete Term 1 courses and projects. (NB: 12-17/04 originally week 1 of 2-week break)
  • Mon 20 April – Fri 24 April: One week break (week 2 of originally calendared 2-week break)
  • Tues 28/04 – Fri 12/06 Semester Two calendar as published via alternative delivery plan or back to business as usual (on Campus) depending on COVIS-19 Alert status
  • One remaining week lost during teaching suspension may be made up later in the year if required.
Fashion Tech:
  • Mon 06 April – Fri 24 April: Three weeks alternative delivery classes.
  • Tues 28 April - Straight into Term 3 classes via alternative delivery plan or back to business as usual (on Campus) depending on COVID-19 Alert status .
  • Two weeks lost during suspension of teaching may be made up later in the year if required.
  • Mon 30 March – Fri 17 April: Three weeks alternative delivery teaching. (NB: start date is next week, one week earlier than advised earlier).
  • Mon 20 April - Courses continue via alternative delivery plan or back to business as usual (on Campus) depending on COVIS-19 Alert status.

Alternative Delivery Plan - How?

Whitecliffe is counting down to starting our alternative delivery plan and looking forward to the resumption of classes next week. Your course and programme faculty members have been preparing resources and polishing up their online support and delivery skills over these two weeks. Resources, lectures, demonstrations, webinars, discussions, assessments and more are coming to a device near you. Course content, assignment briefs and assessment plans have been adapted within approved learning and graduate outcomes and a comprehensive and robust plan has been developed in consultation with NZQA. Your tutors/lecturers and programme leaders will let you know the details relating to your specific courses.

Hopefully you have responded to the recent survey and let us know how you're placed to undertake these different study modes. We're looking at your responses now to help us all get the best out of the teaching and learning and to effectively address challenges that might arise.
We understand that some of you might be unsure about this new study mode and we encourage you to give it a try next week and then talk with your tutors/lecturers about any concerns you might still have.

Please note that all communications, invites and activities will be conducted under your @mywhitecliffe login so be sure to access your Whitecliffe email in preparation for the delivery.

Attendance and progress

As always please make the most of the opportunities offered to you during your studies. Full attendance and participation places you in the best possible position to succeed.
Your attendance at scheduled sessions and completion of course activities is expected and required. Maintain your study hours. Just as if you were attending classes on campus, lecturers and tutors will maintain attendance records and you must let faculty know if you are unable to attend for any reason. Tutors and lecturers will be tracking your progress via your attendance, participation, progress with online tasks and assignments as always.


Your lecturers and tutors will be available to support your studies. The Library staff are also online to offer research and academic study skills support and to help you navigate online resources. Contact IT Support if you need assistance with your connectivity or devices.

Handy COVID-19 Whitecliffe links:

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