Whitecliffe Graduate: Ken Khun

After graduating from his BFA, majoring in Graphic Design in 2017, Ken completed internships with Verve Magazine and Special Group.

In addition to this work he was announced as a finalist in the 2018 Best Design Awards. Ken explains that “the designs I submitted stem from extensive research and experimentation. I have created a design process and visual content for both of my submissions. One was influenced by Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy and the other by Raf Simons.”

Ken was drawn to studying at Whitecliffe because of the wide range of arts and design programmes offered. “I knew I wanted to do something creative but was unsure what pathway I wanted to pursue. Whitecliffe gave me the opportunity to explore all the options they had to offer and that was what appealed to me.” Describing his experience in the Graphic Design department Ken says “I enjoy creative process and experimentation. Studying Graphic Design within a Fine Arts context has been a journey that exposed me to a variety of creative electives and allowed me to explore different areas of interest.” He says that “the Whitecliffe programme is challenging but the faculty were supportive at every step of the way.”

One of the things he most valued about Whitecliffe were “the one-on-one critiques with the lecturers where they have helped me enhance my design thinking to break the boundaries of traditional graphic design and push my designs further.” Having professional designers and guest lecturers were a valuable part of the programme and “the industry internships have helped me to build confidence, network, and learn about what it is really like to work in the Creative Industries.”

Ken predicts some exciting developments to emerge in the future of the graphic design industry. “I see more experimental designs and utilisation of virtual reality. Design is always shifting in alignment with visual trends so with continued technological advancement there will definitely be more experimentation into the artificial environment.”

With big plans for his design future, Ken says “I hope to see myself working in the fashion industry using my skills to make textiles or doing design in the magazine editorial realm. The great thing about graphic design is the different avenues it can take you.”

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