Whitecliffe College Forges Global Alliance with Mediadesign University

Whitecliffe College, a prominent figure in New Zealand's creative arts education scene since 1984, is embarking on a global expansion journey through a strategic partnership with Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik (MDH University of Applied Science), a distinguished institution based in Germany.

With a reputation for pioneering programs spanning fine arts, design innovation, fashion and sustainability, creative arts therapies, and information technology, Whitecliffe College has long been celebrated for nurturing creative and critical thinking. Its diverse curriculum, blending traditional and contemporary arts, has solidified its position as a leader in New Zealand's creative landscape.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Mediadesign Hochschule für Design und Informatik (MDH) has established itself as a premier design college in Germany over three decades, boasting campuses in Berlin, Munich, and Düsseldorf. This alliance between Whitecliffe and MDH brings together a wealth of experience, creating a formidable force in education.

This collaboration symbolizes the convergence of Whitecliffe and MDH's educational philosophies and resources, offering an expanded range of opportunities for students and faculty through vibrant exchanges and a rich array of creative programs. By strategically adding programs in both New Zealand and Germany, the merger aligns strengths and focuses to cultivate an international educational powerhouse. Students will have the flexibility to pursue the same program in both countries, earning degrees from both institutions and participating in exchange programs and faculty collaborations.

Feroz Ali, Chairman of Whitecliffe, expressed excitement about the alliance, noting, "This partnership marks a new chapter for us, enabling us to provide a broader and more diverse educational experience, underscoring our commitment to global excellence in creative education beyond New Zealand."

Martin Adam, CEO of MDH, shared this enthusiasm, stating, "This is a significant milestone in our evolution. We are eager to combine our exceptional strengths with Whitecliffe's renowned educational offerings, with the clear goal of optimizing the educational journey for students worldwide."

Pending approval by the Berlin senate, the newly merged entity intends to rebrand as Whitecliffe.mdh University of Applied Science in Germany.

Details of the transactions remain confidential!

Media contact: Juanita Prinsloo

Director of Marketing and Communication


For more information, please visit: www.whitecliffe.ac.nz · www.mediadesign.de

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