Launching an IT career: Nathaniel’s first steps into tech at Whitecliffe

Meet Nathaniel Micham, a student who turned his interest in technology into a real career at Whitecliffe. Starting with no coding skills, Nathaniel’s time at Whitecliffe shows how learning and support can open up many opportunities in New Zealand’s busy tech world.

The tech sector, contributing $20 billion to New Zealand's GDP and nearly 11% to its exports presents opportunities for those skilled in IT in areas such as data science, software development, network security, and web design. It’s within this promising environment that Nathaniel Mincham started his journey into the world of Information Technology at Whitecliffe, despite having no prior experience in coding.

According to SEEK, the average annual salary for Web Developer jobs in New Zealand ranges from $75,000 to $95,000, with top technology positions offering over $200,000, as reported by HAYS. The New Zealand government’s 2022 budget included an additional $20 million investment over four years in the tech sector, emphasizing the growing demand for skilled IT professionals. This investment is creating a multitude of high-paying roles, making it an opportune time to enter the field.

Many students entering the field of web development and design at Whitecliffe start with just a basic knowledge of technology, unaware of the extensive opportunities that await them. 

Nathaniel began his Web Development and Design programme filled with excitement and apprehension about starting a new career. The initial fear of diving into a completely new career was considerable, but through school visits and discovering the comprehensive programme content at Whitecliffe, he became convinced that stepping into the tech world was the right move. The promise of IT being a cornerstone of future advancements, coupled with the attractive potential earnings in the field, solidified his decision.

Throughout his programme, Nathaniel has been immersing himself in the world of web development, learning foundational skills like HTML and CSS. He dreams of one day creating his own websites that are not only functional but visually captivating - "In my first few weeks at Whitecliffe, I've already started to see how I can turn what we're learning into real-world projects," Nathaniel says.

"I’m aiming to progress further, planning to pursue a Bachelor of IT and eventually a Master’s programme. This pathway not only aligns with my career ambitions but also with my desire to make a meaningful impact in the tech industry."

Nathaniel’s time at Whitecliffe has been transformative, equipping him with the skills and confidence needed to pursue a thriving career in technology.

“If you’re thinking about a career in IT, consider starting your journey at Whitecliffe. The programmes offer a mix of practical and theoretical knowledge that will prepare you for a range of roles in the tech industry. There’s so much potential here,” Nathaniel enthuses.

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