Whitecliffe's staircasing recognition award

Staircase your studies and get 6 Months of Bachelor's Free*!

Staircase from either the Certificate in Digital Media + Design or the Certificate in Fine Arts February 2024 intake into the other certificate (Certificate in Digital Media + Design or the Certificate in Fine Arts) for the July 2024 intake and you will receive the first 6-months of your bachelor’s study with Whitecliffe for February 2025 intake for free!

At Whitecliffe, we believe in empowering our students to reach new heights in their educational journey. If you're currently enrolled in the Certificate in Digital Media + Design or the Certificate in Fine Arts for February 2024, we've got an exciting opportunity for you to continue your studies and achieve your academic goals with ease.


Staircasing programmes:




Terms & conditions:

  • Receive 6-month fees free as part of the Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme for the February 2025 intake for your bachelor study at Whitecliffe. 
  • To qualify for the 6-months fees free you must be a current Whitecliffe Certificate programme student in 2024 and must enrol into a bachelor for February 2025 intake at Whitecliffe in July 2024.
  • If you are eligible for the Government Fees Free Scheme in 2024, your fees-free entitlement will be used first, and your Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme will be applied up to 6 months of full-time study for the subsequent programme you enrol in once your government fees-free entitlement has finished.
  • Fees must be paid in full, or paperwork completed for the current government fees-free programme for your July 2024 intake.
  • Offer is valid for July 2024 Certificate students only who meet degree entry requirements and are enrolled into a bachelor’s programme with Whitecliffe for February 2025 intake and must be submitted by no later than 2 weeks of the programme commencement date.
  • If the student withdraws from the July 2024 Certificate programme, they will not be eligible for the 6-month fees-free February 2025 bachelor study.

Please note the following conditions of your Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme:

  • Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme is only available to domestic students for full-time study.
  • Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme is offered for one programme only.
  • Should you withdraw from the programme or any courses your Whitecliffe Fees Free Scheme will not cover the repeating courses, future enrolments, or re-enrolments.


Pathway Bachelor programmes:

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Contact admission on 0800 800 300 or mail admissions@whitecliffe.ac.nz

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