Open Days


Considering a career in Fine Arts, Photo Media, Fashion Design or Graphic Design? Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design would like to invite you to take part in our OPEN DAYS Programme for 2019. Interested students, their parents, teachers and careers advisers  are all invited to attend.

Register to ensure you have the knowledge to make an informed decision about your tertiary study options in arts and design. 

The Head of Department will present an overview of the Certificates (Digital Media and Design or Arts and Design)  or Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes (Fine Arts, Photo Media, Fashion Design, or Graphic Design).

You will also learn about:

  • career opportunities within the Creative Industries,
  • the application process 
  • how to prepare for the interview.

Each Open day includes a tour of the campus and lunch with current students who are studying in the department you are interested in.

For those who would like to learn about all four programmes within the BFA (Fine Arts, Photo Media, Fashion Design and Graphic Design) we recommend attending the Out-Of-Towners Open Day on Wednesday 29 May which includes presentations from all BFA Heads of Department. This event is open to anyone in Auckland and is also ideal for school groups travelling from outside Auckland. 

Click on the images to download and print each Open Day flyer 





  1. 9.45 am: Registration 
  2. 10.00 –10.30 am: Welcome  Presentation including Whitecliffe Overview, Application and Interview process, Portfolio Preparation.
  3. 10.30 –11.00 am: Department Presentation.
  4. 11.00 –11.10 am: Contextual Studies Presentation
  5. 11.15 –11.45 am: Tour of Campus Studios.
  6. 11.45 –12.30 pm: Lunch (provided by Whitecliffe) including discussion with a Panel of Year 4 Students.
  7. 1.00 pm: Day Concludes.