Sonya Lacey Awarded Residency in Canada

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Sonya Lacey Awarded Residency in Canada

Whitecliffe congratulates faculty member Sonya Lacey on the outstanding achievement of being awarded a prestigious international residency at The Banff Centre in Canada.

The mission of the government funded Centre located in Banff National Park, Alberta is “Inspiring Creativity”. The art and leadership programmes at the centre are designed to allow “exceptional artists and leaders from around the world to create and perform new works of art; share skills and knowledge in an interdisciplinary environment; and explore ideas and develop solutions in the arts and leadership”.

Lacey will take up her residency in early November, in collaboration with fellow artist Sarah Rose who is enrolled in the second year of her MFA at Glasgow School of Art.

Lacey says: “The work we develop during the residency will focus on print publishing processes, particularly what it means for the book to preserve some material form in the context of digital publishing and electronic distribution. Although the work takes the publication as a starting point the final outcome will be more installation-based … we’re interested in the peripheries of the publishing industry; re-editions, ghost-writes, inserts, misprints, and amendments. This project grew out of the work we made for the Artspace New Artists’ Show a couple of years ago and we also co-curated a number project for Newcall. There is a lot of overlap in our individual practices, and after working so closely for a couple of years I’m looking forward to having the time and facilities to pick up on some of those common interests.”

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