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Whitecliffe is one of New Zealand’s highest ranked and awarded research institutions in the private sector and has a long-standing record of academic excellence. Offering programmes now from Certificate-level through to Masters.

Our Admissions team would love to hear from your school. If you would like to ask us a question or request more information, you can contact us directly:

Email: admissions@whitecliffe.ac.nz

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Upcoming Open Days

Whitecliffe hosts Open Days through out the year at our Auckland, Manukau, Wellington and Christchurch-based campuses. So if you're interested in starting a career in Arts, Design, Fashion or Technology, make sure you keep an eye on this page.

Upcoming Events + Exhibitions

Our Whitecliffe news and events page keeps you up to date with what our students, staff and alumni are achieving, here in New Zealand, but also around the world. Whitecliffe produces talented thinkers and makers who are winning awards, hosting exhibitions and making a real difference in their chosen fields.

Whitecliffe Videos

Here, you will find interviews with current students, graduates, faculty and staff - we also have an incredible archive of past events and fashion shows hosted around the country.

Arts Courses

Think creatively, push your imagination, and shape contemporary culture.

Explore your unique voice, and turn it into a meaningful creative practice. With the support of knowledgeable artists, and with access to your own studio space, you will learn to develop your technical skills and create more powerful expressions of your ideas.

Fashion Courses

Find a voice for your ideas and creative expression with the two pathways that are offered to fashion students.

At Fashion Tech, students learn the technical skills to propel them into the fashion industry, while our Fashion + Sustainability path matures your creative ideas, leading you to develop in more sustainable ways.

Design Courses

Design is everywhere. Learn to become a talented thinker and maker with the intention and imagination to make a lasting impact. With strong skills in graphic design, you’ll join a creative community that is driven by the desire to create better experiences for people.

Technology Courses

Be part of the change that technology is making to our world. Learn the latest technologies used to build digital platforms and exceptional user experiences. With strong skills in information technology, you can invent, create and imagine within project teams, move into the start-up space or work anywhere in the world.

Student Life at Whitecliffe

Our students are creative innovators and smart thinkers, whose flair and technical skills make them well equipped for a future in the arts, design, fashion, technology and business fields in which we specialise.

Students who attend consistently, actively contribute and work hard achieve the most and we hope that you will make the most of your time with us and graduate with flying colours on completion of your studies.

Our Admissions team would love to hear from your school

If you would like to ask us a question or request more information, you can contact us directly:




0800 800 300

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