One Year Foundation Bridging Programme

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level: 4
NQF Credits: 72
EFTs: 0.6
Exit qualifications: Certificate of Arts and Design (Foundation) an artist portfolio, and accrediatation in General English papers
Qualification Code: PC3446
Duration: One year, Full Time
Next Intake: February
Preferential Applications by: 31 October
Places Available: 50
Campus: balfour road Campus, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell, Auckland

NB. This course is for people with English as a second language only.

Bridging Programme

In our Bridging Programme students can study a Certificate of Arts & Design (Foundation) giving them a professional artist portfolio (which can be used to gain entry into further tertiary study in Arts and Design) and also gain assistance with English language skills, through their choice of one of our partnership schools.

As a full year programme, students will have classes at Whitecliffe twice a week while completing their English tuition for the first half of the year, then commence full time Arts and Design study in Semester Two (july start)

All students will be acknowledged as Whitecliffe students with a variation of condition on their Visas*. Having completed our course students can apply using their portfolio for our Bachelor of Fine Arts. Our four year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializes in fine arts, graphic design, fashion design and photography, film and video. Professional business education, contextual studies and an internship programme complete the toolbox of artistic and entrepreneurial opportunity at Whitecliffe.

Partnership Schools for your English tuition




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Preferential application

Deadline: 31 October

Applications for admission can be submitted anytime. Applications received after 31 October will be considered for entry subject to places being available.


This 12-Month programme will provide you with the opportunity to develop the necessary English language skills and artistic skills to put degree-level study within your reach.

At Whitecliffe you will be able to experiment and learn under the practical guidance of dedicated art lecturers who encourage students to develop skills over a range of mediums in order to express themselves. Successful students will achieve an arts qualification and portfolio through the Certificate of Arts & Design (Foundation). Life experiences often enrich a students ability to interpret assignments and produce work in unique and varied ways. The Certificate of Arts and Design (Foundation) will enable you to develop a portfolio and experience what it is like to become part of the arts community at Whitecliffe.

Programme Structure

During Semester One students with an IELTS of 5.0 study at either Kaplan Languages International during the week while completing papers in Elementary Painting Techniques and Elementary Drawing at Whitecliffe.

At the end of Semester One successful students graduate with accreditation in General English papers, an IELTS level of 5.5 and two accredited arts and design papers.

In Semester Two successful students move into the 18-week foundation certificate programme where their goal is to compile a portfolio for entry into tertiary level arts and design study.


By the end of the Whitecliffe programme, you are required to exhibit a folio of studio work. Although successful completion of the Certificate of Arts and Design (Foundation) does not guarantee automatic admission into the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree programme, it does however, enhance your opportunities of continuing to a more advanced level of tertiary study. You should contact the International Student Liaison Officer to obtain specific details about overseas applications.

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