Jane Henzell MFA, BDes(Hons)

Director, Quality Assurance and Programme Development

Phone: 09 601 8945
Email: janeh@whitecliffe.ac.nz
Room: Main - Executive Offices

Jane is Associate Director, Academic & HOD Year One at Whitecliffe. Academic Leader, Senior Lecturer and nationally rated researcher with more than 4 years proven leadership ability managing undergraduate Creative Arts tertiary programmes in New Zealand. With 3 years background experience working in international corporate art in London, managing key stakeholder relations, coupled with highly developed skills in innovative programme development and project management, Jane is at the forefront for leading initiatives that steer the future of the Creative Arts industries within New Zealand.

Winning national awards for excellence in Architecture and Fine Arts (painting) and highly regarded NZ Artist and former Film Designer working on American films with Tasman Productions (NZ), Exhibition Design in (Auckland/Melbourne), and as and Architectural designer in Auckland ; Jane has coupled her art and design experience working in the education sector from 1999- 2015 in Architecture, Design and Fine Arts tertiary programmes.

Jane’s desire to continue to learn led her to move to London in 2006, where she was appointed Artist Assistant for internationally acclaimed Damien Hirst in his London studio. It was in this capacity she reflected on the authenticity of fine arts practice (that she had previously experienced from her own painting career in NZ) and in relation to the large scale international and commercial art industry, driven by the economy and a high profile buyers market. Jane became immersed within this international research and art industry; that then led her to return to New Zealand and in 2010 with a fresh perspective on how to educate students in a new economic environment; where new learning technologies where prevalent and the student demographic had substantially changed. Today Jane’s teaching focus lies in embedding collaborative practices where new learning and teaching technologies enable a culture of positive, practice- based studio communities that is responsive to the fast changing economic climate.

Jane received a MFA from RMIT University (Melbourne) and an undergraduate Design degree from UNITEC Institute of Technology (formerly Carrington Polytechnic) and has exhibited in New Zealand, London and Europe.