Core 2011

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At the core is something essential, however contingent. Such a core is considered the gist of a subject, the heart of a matter. The core programme in Year One of the Bachelor of Fine Arts at Whitecliffe asserts that there are certain skills, concepts and methodologies that are essential to a student beginning their undergraduate study.

These core courses value traditional approaches and media yet encourage experimenting, reconfiguring and regenerating to bring fresh perspectives to contemporary art production. The Core exhibition showcases the individual lecturers involved in the Year One core studio courses and reflects their diverse and engaged inquiry as artists.

Core study thus becomes a tool to engage, inquire, distil, hone and reflect with formal and critical skill, a base for new responses and open conversations.

LIST of Artist

Gabrielle Amodeo

Steve Carr

Melissa Dines

Matt Dowman

Matt Ellwood

Yolunda Hickman

Noel Ivanoff

Sonya Lacey

Jill McIntosh

Leon Mitchell

Zoe Nash


Diane Quin

Jill Sorensen

Henry Symonds

Alissa West

Photography by Yoon Tae Kim