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Hybrid (Fieldwork)

4-6 October 2012

Pearce Gallery

Artists involved: Victoria James, Emma Wallace.


Thursday 4th October 5.30-7.30pm


Friday 5th October- 10am-3pm.

Saturday 6th October- 10am- 1pm

Nature is declared both friend and foe in urban culture. Society enjoys the peace and beauty nature brings, yet we feel the need to control and restrict the natural growth of plants. I’m exploring this artificial interference, questioning our desires of control in urban nature. I’m interested in approaching the relationship between artist and organism, and exposing its inaccuracies and idiosyncrasies.

- Victoria James

Gardens of National and International significance are scattered through out the Auckland region. I am interested in the symbolism and history connecting this constructed nature to the inhabitants of the region. These gardens mark historical, scientific and cultural importance illustrated through the quantities, collections and values of the plants at these sites.

-Emma Wallace