Pearce Gallery

Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design Gallery

The Pearce Gallery, located at the front of Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design St Georges Bay Road Studios, 130 St Georges Bay Road.

Pearce Gallery was established in 2008 when Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design relocated to Parnell. From 2008 until 2011, Pearce operated as an in-house educational gallery. In 2012, Whitecliffe Fine Arts Lecturer Jill Sorensen took over the direction of Pearce Gallery with the intention of creating an exhibition programme that integrates what she sees as Whitecliffe’s strengths: educational rigour, intimate scale, and a personalised approach. In keeping with this, her strategy has been to grow the gallery organically, slowly developing a programme that fosters experimental research and facilitates critique and discussion. The curatorial directive is to explore the possibilities of the “research exhibition” as a venue for critical exchange, discussion and feedback. As a result, the programme focuses on experimental and transitional projects: work in its developmental phase, rather than “finished” exhibitions.

A core aspect of this programme is the annual One Day Wonder series. Each season of One Day Wonder addresses a particular research directive through a series of twenty-four hour exhibitions. The 2012 series was a faculty research project titled Paper Bag Research Forum, which responding in part to the 2012 PBRF (Performance Based Research Funding) round. This year the project is titled Parallel Universe, and moves beyond the College to look at six artist collectives across the country.

Other new initiatives underway include the use of the gallery as a project space during term breaks. This will allow an artist or group of artists to use Pearce as a research/installation space for a two to four week period, and to partake in a programme of discussion and exhibition both within the institution and with the wider public. This could be used as a final exhibition in itself, or it could be an opportunity for research and development towards a significant future event, such as an exhibition at public gallery. The timing and format of the project space programme is still in progress, and expressions of interest are welcome.


St Georges Bay Road Studios and Pearce Gallery

130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

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