Summer Employment Opportunities for Whitecliffe Graduates

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Summer Employment Opportunities for Whitecliffe Graduates

Our recent BFA graduates have been busy over the summer break securing employment opportunities, internships and work experience within their respective fields. Not only are they learning from distinguished professionals, but they are also gaining valuable insights and experience in the arts and design industries. Following are a few stories about these graduates and what they have been up to since graduating from Whitecliffe in November 2015:

Tanya Martusheff

Fine Arts graduate Tanya Martusheff recently interned with Hopkinson Mossman Gallery organizing Bill Culbert’s artworks and making a detailed inventory list. She says the experience was “surreal… I couldn't believe I was handling works that I've only seen pictures of!” She also minded the gallery for a few days and learned about the procedures of handling artworks and gallery administration. Tanya says, “…it was an opportunity to enter the arts sector and show people what I can do.” Tanya is currently part of the Artists Alliance internship programme. She comments that “I get to work with great people and see first hand how important artists are in social and economic aspects of New Zealand. Having Artists Alliance as a support network to back the profession of NZ artists is more important than I realized. I feel privileged to be interning here and I hope I can contribute to the organisation.”

Caroline Konarkowska

Caroline is a Graphic Design graduate, who has recently started a fulltime position at Strategy Design & Advertising. Her new role at Strategy began with the Whitecliffe Year 3 Internship programme. Caroline says, “in Year 3 at Whitecliffe, we are required to complete a 30-day internship at a graphic design studio. This process introduces us to the industry environment, and provides us with relevant working experience. The internship also gets us working alongside professional graphic designers. I chose to do my internship at Strategy Design & Advertising. From Strategy, I learnt a wealth about the industry. I found myself learning from professionals that I really look up to. This also led to my new and current role as a junior graphic designer at Strategy.” In terms of the valuable knowledge she learned about the industry and working for clients, she says “Whitecliffe provides students with the necessary skills required for working in the industry as well as training in conceptual-thinking, crucial to bringing projects to life. The industry is fast-paced, and the Whitecliffe programme teaches discipline to keep up-to-speed with projects while making well-informed decisions. After Whitecliffe's technical training, process and conceptual development, and our internship opportunity—I've found the shift from an academic graphic design context to working in the industry, smooth and enjoyable.”

Kingkang Chen

Fashion Design graduate Kingkang Chen has been busy with numerous international fashion and runway opportunities. Oyster Magazine has invited him to participate in their Premiere Runway 7 show at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2016 (VAMFF) taking place from March 7-13. The show will also feature a line-up of up-and-coming designers including Eugenie, Pageant, P.A.M. and more. Kingkang is also a finalist in the 2016 iD International Emerging Designer Awards to be held 17 March during iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2016. Fashion Design graduate and MFA candidate Benjamin Farry is also a finalist.

(image at right of Fine Arts graduate Tanya Martusheff working at Artists Alliance. Courtesy of Tanya Martusheff and Artists Alliance)

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