Summer Employment Opportunities for Whitecliffe Graduates

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Summer Employment Opportunities for Whitecliffe Graduates

Our recent BFA graduates have been busy over the summer break securing employment opportunities, internships and work experience within their respective fields. Not only are they learning from distinguished professionals, but they are also gaining valuable insights and experience in the arts and design industries. Following are a few stories about these graduates and what they have been up to since graduating from Whitecliffe in November 2014:

Graphic Design graduate Ashley Keen has taken advantage of several different opportunities. She was recently invited to attend a typographic workshop in Auckland organised by respected graphic designer Catherine Griffiths and Berlin based graphic designer Tino Grass. Ashley is also interning at Process Fashion and Design PR (a fashion-focused PR company) as their 'on-call graphic designer.' Ashley says “initially the job was one day a week and unpaid, but they have taken me on as a contractor and will pay me per job. I will also be helping with styling shoots, merchandising, and be in charge of sending items to print. They have also asked me to help them with their own identity, in terms of applying it consistently throughout the media. I’m quite excited about it all.” Ashley has also taken over as designer at Rip It Up & Groove Guide Magazine. She claims that the job will “help improve my technical skills and working to narrow deadlines.”

Top Year 4 Graphic Design graduate, Michael Bevin, is interning at global creative communications company Saatchi and Saatchi in Auckland and comments that “it has been so great and I’m learning an incredible amount.”

Photography graduate Elizabeth (Libby) Cavenett has been assisting commercial photographer Nick Tresidder at his studio in Parnell. Libby currently helps organise and maintain the studio and equipment. She says “I look after the clients when they come in on a shoot day, make sure they are happy and check if they need anything. I also help Nick and make sure he is sorted with whatever he may need for the shoot. Another important part is documenting the lighting set up and taking measurements to create lighting diagrams in the shoot sheets. I make up the shoot sheets in Evernote to keep track of jobs Nick has done - including shoot information, client and agency information, etc.”

Top Year 4 Photography graduate Lea Schlatter has recently been awarded a place on The Artists Alliance Mentoring Programme 2015 for graduates. The programme “provides a valuable opportunity for emerging artists to focus on their career with the help of an experienced mentor.” While in her fourth year at Whitecliffe, Lea says that “working with a community became a pretty dominant element of my work and was a very interesting and valuable experience. I thought it would be great to be paired with a mentor that would help me with this terrain, which is still very new to me. I applied to the programme and I am very happy to be receiving 20 hours of mentoring from artist Jeremy Leatinu'u. He is an amazing interdisciplinary artist based in Auckland who often works with communities and frequently uses the camera as a tool for expressing his experiences. I am looking forward to having a series of interesting discussions with Jeremy, learning more about his practice and my own”.

images at right: clockwise from top left: Michael Bevin, Ashley Keen, Libby Cavenett, Lea Schlatter

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