Whitecliffe Educated: The Student Experience

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Whitecliffe Educated: The Student Experience

Pursuing a career in the arts was always an obvious choice for Year Four Graphic Design student Jeannie Burnside. Right now, Jeannie is looking forward to a trip to New York in 2015 to attend the New York Typography Summer School, as part of the Wikiriwhi Scholarship that she was awarded by Whitecliffe earlier this year. “I am really excited about graduating at the end of this year and entering the industry of graphic design from a branding and packaging perspective, my first love in design”.

She attended ACG Strathallan College in Papakura, where she continually pursued her artistic options. When it came time to finishing Year 13, Jeannie was already sure of her decision to apply to Whitecliffe. It matched her tough criteria:, “Small class sizes, one-on-one contact with lecturers, a creative, stimulating work environment with friendly students and top success rates were all important factors to me. This led to my decision to only apply to Whitecliffe, the only college I wanted to be at in New Zealand. I have not once second guessed this decision and feel honored that Whitecliffe saw potential in me.”

Graphic Design wasn’t a subject offered at Jeannie’s high school and she hadn’t really heard of it until coming to Whitecliffe. She valued her experience of completing Year One of the Whitecliffe BFA programme, as it gave her the opportunity to experiment with different creative mediums before confirming what she wanted to study further. “In my first year at Whitecliffe, I started to realize that my work had quite a graphic approach, so I thought I would give it a go to see if it was for me.”

At Whitecliffe, Jeannie has enjoyed having the freedom to experiment with new ideas to challenge her abilities as a designer. She talks about the “excitement involved in discovering interesting projects-I love being able to play with a range of media like screen printing and hand-rendered typography, rather than purely working digitally. Being surrounded by clever people producing innovative work every day is really motivating.”

Jeannie’s advice for anyone considering furthering their study in Graphic Design would be to have a really positive attitude towards new challenges. “It is important to accept criticism and genuinely take it on board. A strong dedication to making your work better will also guarantee progression with your work in a positive direction”.

Currently, Jeannie is working on her graduate project. She says, “the project investigates how brand and innovative packaging strategies for portioned and unprocessed healthy foods caters to consumers of convenience while improving consumer health and reducing waste.” She further explains “the envisioned concept would be positioned as an independent convenience supermarket that sells a variety of portioned (tailored to female and male dietary requirements) unprocessed healthy food products.”

This year, Jeannie is also participating in the 100 Days Project to push her practice and to document her project’s journey through to completion. You can check out more about her project’s developments here

 Jeannie has a confident vision of her future in the design industry. “In the long term, I see myself as a senior designer within a company that I am passionate about. I have always been fascinated with the fashion publishing industry, so I would love to gain some experience in that industry at some point.”

For more information about Jeannie, please visit her website.

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