Community Engagement Project – Saucy Soup Kitchen

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Community Engagement Project – Saucy Soup Kitchen

As part of the Year One BFA programme, students take part in a community engagement class each year. This year the focus was on exploring the impact of food on society, particularly food waste and its implications. Enlisting the help of Nick Loosley from Everybody Eats, students were able to see how to effect change in the food system.

Everybody Eats is a not-for-profit that prepares three course meals by volunteer chefs who lend their time and expertise on a Monday night at St Kevin’s Arcade on K’ road, using food that would otherwise be wasted. Their mission is simple, to combat both food waste and food poverty. Everybody is welcome and can pay whatever they like, from large donations to nothing at all.

Inspired by the amazing work of the Everybody Eats charity, our Year One students decided to put on a spread of their own with all proceeds raised being donated to Everybody Eats. Using food surplus generously provided by Nick, the students cooked up a storm offering three different soup options and side dishes of roast vegetables. Over just two lunches, students were able to raise over $150.

The idea behind the Saucy Soup Kitchen wasn’t only to raise money for Everybody Eats, student organiser Lexi Kerr says “we also wanted to bring students together and create a community atmosphere at Whitecliffe where students could interact with others who they may not usually see.” 

Having had such great success with their saucy soup kitchen, Lexi and her committee are keen to host another similar event in the upcoming term. This time, they’ll be serving pizzas. Keep an eye out for advertising and come along to support a great community engagement project, and the Everybody Eats charity.

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