Senior Lecturer Matt Ellwood

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Senior Lecturer Matt Ellwood

The Gow Langsford Gallery Wellesley St Window Project 2012 is a series of temporary exhibitions in a window space on Wellesley St.

Senior lecturer Mat Ellwood presented his artwork last month to good reviews.

Sweethearts utilises the famous Lego crocodile in order to call into question the language of the miniature, in this case rescaling the toy up to a barely full grown Siamese crocodile, one of the most endangered of the species. In effect these two can be considered as Siamese Siamese. The title is also an oblique reference to the infamous 5.1 metre Australian crocodile that terrorised the Northern Territories between 1974 and 1979. The work itself is intended to oscillate between intimacy, male posturing, genetic deformity, and formal symmetry.

Photo: Matt Ellwood "Sweethearts"

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