Theory into Practice

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Theory into Practice

Little did Whitecliffe MA in Arts Management student Sharu Delilkan know that the play she did her assignment on for a marketing module earlier this year would end up being produced.

“I decided to do our marketing assignment – a marketing plan – on an original play, Footprints on Ika’s Heart, written by Zimbabwean-Kiwi playwright Stanley Makuwe because I really liked the sound of the show. I had applied for Creative New Zealand Funding but had been rejected for their Quick Response round in February. However, since we were invited to resubmit we have been successful in getting funding for a workshop which is taking place in early November,” says producer Delilkan.

Footprints on Ika’s Heart tells a specific African story of a nation in crisis and the subsequent wrenching of family from its roots. Being a migrant herself, the thing that appealed to her most about the story was how it also resonates universally, delving into the hopes and dreams of new opportunity associated with moving to New Zealand.

The main areas being workshopped are to develop the interplay between the script and the play’s various themes with focus on three specific disciplines — music, movement and set design.

The creative team leading the workshop includes director Ben Crowder, musical director Chris O’ Connor, choreographer Moss Patterson and set designer Jessika Verryt.

Ultimately this workshop will enable a full-blown production of Footprints on Ika’s Heart giving African-New Zealanders, that are currently under represented in New Zealand arts, the chance to make their mark in NZ’s vibrant theatre industry.

Delilkan started her journey with Footprints on Ika’s Heart as a member of the audience at their reading. It was not long after, that she felt compelled to produce the show because of the lingering effect that the unique story had on her.

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