MAAT (Clinical) Director Visits Rarotonga

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MAAT (Clinical) Director Visits Rarotonga

Recently, Amanda Levey, Whitecliffe Director of the MAAT (Clinical) programme traveled to Rarotonga.

The purpose of the visit was twofold, to do a placement visit with completing arts therapy clinical student Nanette Lela’ulu who has re-located to live there, and to do some networking for the college. Nanette has found a placement arranged by an organisation called Punanga Tauturu that runs a counseling service for women involved with domestic violence abuse and other issues. The head of the organisation Kairangi Samuela (Nani) found funding from New Zealand Aid for Nanette to work with a group of young boys who have been excluded from school for various reasons, but mostly for behavioral issues. The group range in age from 10 to 15 years and there are nine in the group at present. Nanette is working with them to create a mural on the walls of the local television station. She first worked with the boys to find a character from local myths and legends and they chose the legend of Maui harnessing the sun.

Amanda also did some networking on behalf of the college, delivering the college prospectus to those involved in art education to try to encourage young Cook Island students to consider studying art at Whitecliffe. Amanda also met with the Ministry of Education and received a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

Image: One of the boys working on his image, and Amanda Levey (left) and Nanette Lela’ulu.

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