Year Three Group Exhibition

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Year Three Group Exhibition

Orphaned by Purpose

Orphaned by Purpose is a group exhibition of female artists in the Year Three BFA programme at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. This show represents works that developed, as entities separate from their intended purpose thus were never exhibited.

The student condition dictates that though we begin to articulate an identity as artists and define an individual niche in the art world. Most works produced at this stage must conform to a specific brief leaving rogue works born of experimentation abandoned along the way.

The show consists of an eclectic assortment of works brought together by the displacement of the institutionalised structure that is art school. Therefore all works in Orphaned by Purpose have never been publicly shown or subjected to the marking process they are free entities to be appreciated for their singularity and lack of purpose.

Featuring work by:

Julia Hannig, Chevelle Sands, Abigail Brodrick, Daphne Simons, Ashlea Lawson, Shanay Aseraf, Louise Keen and Evie Batts.

Image: Shanay Aseraf, Barbie, Pencil on Paper

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