Gow Langsford Window Project

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Gow Langsford Window Project

The Gow Langsford Gallery Wellesley St Window Project 2012 is a series of temporary exhibitions in a window space on Wellesley St.

Becky Nunes, Whitecliffe Head of Photography Department

Personal Effects

October 3 – 27 2012

“This series of photographs explores ideas of personal taonga. By this I mean objects of emotional and historical significance taken from my own collection. This can include objects that represent a tangible connection with the deceased, or objects that exercise a quazi-magical hold on our imaginations via their cultural references and significance.”

“I am interested in the ways that an object becomes invested with additional meaning via ritual, repetitive handling and viewing, faith and salesmanship. These works play on the tensions between the inherent value of an object or site, and its perceived worth. They open up questions surrounding the role faith plays in our consumption of art.

Photography plays a part in this attempt to see past the visible; these works acknowledge the inherent inability of photography to see beyond surface, and our endless and illogical search for that which is forever hidden in a photograph.”

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