Alumni Finalist in the ID Dunedin Fashion Show

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Alumni Finalist in the ID Dunedin Fashion Show

Sally Huang and Yun Shin Do, recent graduates of Whitecliffe College of Art and Design showcase their talents as finalists in the iD Dunedin Fashion Show.

Sally Huang

East meets West in Sally's collection, inspired by the traditional Chinese art of Peking Opera. Opera masks, makeup, and costumes provide interesting lessons in how to identify characters using colour and symbols - and Sally integrates these traditional elements into stylish Western design. "I have printed designs selected from traditional Chinese opera masks onto silk and merino wool fabric. Chinese influences are evident in the collars, necklines, embroidered accessories, and the triangular silhouette. My garments depict joy, anger, and sorrow in our lives as well as the desire for virtues, such as bravery, honesty, and loyalty. I have retained a unique contemporary Western style in the collection by layering with overlapped and looped ribbons.

Yun Shin Do

Inspired by 'green' design principles and traditional Korean design aesthetics, particularly the clothing and folk painting techniques of the Choson era (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries), Yun's collection imitates the flowing, draping qualities of the era's clothing and fields of colours in the paintings. "I have incorporated traditional natural dyeing processes and a large amount of experimentation with minerals and plants which were important in achieving my desired colour palette."

"I am creating garments that are eco-friendly and in the process boycotting commercially produced, synthetically dyed clothing. The processes involved in synthetic dyeing involve harsh, caustic chemicals and are harmful to both workers and the environment. I see natural dyeing as a return to the earth, using natural resources to produce consumer goods".

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