Exhibition: Between b/d

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Exhibition: Between b/d

“Life is between B and D and is C, B being birth and D being death and C being choice ... “

- Jean Paul Sartre

The most perceptible common denominator among a group of individuals who share identical ethnicity is the ethnicity itself. To form a broader common core, cultural and social elements might add another layer over the ethnicity. However, given that the individuals are of divergent professions, life styles, and other backgrounds, it is difficult to discern other viable common denominators. Therefore, despite the superficial connections outlined above, there is a little that can be drawn as a common theme or concern. In the end, artists can and do only speak for themselves for the choices made.

Between b/d, a group exhibition comprising Whitecliffe graduates and current students from the Korean community showcases works from the four majors that are offered within the Whitecliffe BFA programme. The artists and designers highlight the superficial connections associated with ethnicity and ask the viewer to see them as artists first.

The exhibiting artists are:

Flora Jeoung (Year 3 Fine Arts)

Hara Kang (Graduate 2010 Graphic Design) (In-house designer at Missha New Zealand)

Suhee Kang (Year 3 Fine Arts)

Sun Hoon Kim (Graduate 2010 Fashion Design) (Studying Fashion Design Masters at AUT)

Yoon Tae Kim (Graduate 2009 Photography) (Internship at Whitecliffe and Co-owner of Lightcraft Photography)

Isaac Lee (Graduate 2009 Photography) (Co-owner of Lightcraft Photography)

Yuna Lee (Year 4 Graphic Design student)

Byung Ryoo (Graduate 2010 Graphic Design) (Freelance Designer and Internship at Whitecliffe)

Opening night:


130 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland

5p.m. – 7 p.m. Friday September 2

Open daily

Monday September 5 - 9, 10a.m. – 4p.m.

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