Graduate Design Competition Winner

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Whitecliffe is pleased to announce Maiken Law (Year 4 BFA Graphic Design major), the winner of the 2011 BFA graduate design competition. Her designs will showcase the 2011 BFA graduate student work from the four majors offered within the BFA programme in the Graduate Catalogue. Maiken’s design will also feature on posters throughout Auckland city in the build up to the Graduate Show; a key event in the Whitecliffe calendar.

Maiken’s design skills have been noted outside of Whitecliffe when she was commissioned to develop some freelance work for Project Litefoot. Hamish Reid owner of Project Litefoot had this to say about Maiken: “Maiken was great, she really exceeded our expectations. She is talented, professional, and really took hold of a great learning opportunity.”

Whitecliffe looks forward to November when the 2011 Graduate Catalogue will be published.

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