Mystical Realism; Modest Gestures

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Mystical Realism; Modest Gestures

The South Yarra gallery, Kalimanrawlins, opened in Australia last week with a group show, Screen Shots the highlight of which was a three screen video work mystical realism; modest gestures by New Zealand artist and Whitecliffe lecturer Steve Carr.

Carr is interested in how objects silently record the still life of the present, how film can capture a moment, and how an activity can transform or become a work of art.

An Australian reviewer comments: “Screen Shots was filmed using a high definition camera that records 2,000 frames per second. The result is dense, beautifully saturated footage of paint-filled balloons being pricked by pins. The drawn-out tension of the pins pressing against the objects’ rubbery surfaces is almost excruciating to watch, but the inevitable ‘pops’ are remarkable. Recalling the scientific photographs of Harold Edgerton, Carr has captured what is unseen by the naked eye. The rubbery exteriors of the balloons unfurl like skin, revealing heavy, sculptural masses of paint. Carr has cleverly transformed the simple into the monumental.”

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