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Fusion (The merging or blending of two or more things) is the name of BFA Alumni Tracey Baird’s company and what she had in mind when coordinating a talented team of individuals to work together on events such as weddings, corporate functions and special occasions. Baird has created a mobile and salon service for hair, makeup and beauty, combined with photography and other specialist services such as floristry, invitations and painting.

With over 12 years of hairdressing and nail experience in Auckland and London and tutoring at a top hairdressing school, Baird decided to expand her career in 2008 by completing a Fine Arts degree with a major in photography at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

As a mature student, Baird was able to draw on life experience including valuable transferable skills such as time management and an understanding of financial realities. These skills helped to underpin her thought processes when considering the type of career she wanted at the completion of her studies.

Throughout her time at Whitecliffe, Baird displayed an inbuilt aptitude for being able to segment one idea into component parts and she also has a honed appreciation of colour, tone and texture. Baird finds she is able to think and express herself more naturally in pictures as opposed to the written word. The academic writing and reading for the degree were challenging but with the support of lecturers Baird was able to make the most of this aspect of her studies.

Baird generated many ideas whilst she was studying which she is now bringing to fruition. While discussing this she commented that ideas don’t have to be worked on immediately; study is a time to generate ideas, which can be refined and worked on later. After an extended incubation time she has now found the right moment to draw upon her prior store of knowledge.

Baird is part of the Auckland Festival of Photography with her exhibition; Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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