Whitecliffe Faculty and Staff Research Fund recipients announced

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It is with great pleasure that Jacquie Phipps Dean of Research and Post Graduate Studies, announced the following faculty members as recipients of the Whitecliffe 2011 Faculty & Staff Research Fund and professional development grants. Applications and proposals were reviewed by the Deans and ratified by the Executive Management Group.

Jacquie commented that “The response to the call for proposals for 2011 was once again impressive and varied. It is encouraging to see such confirmation of our healthy and growing research culture.”

Research funding from the $10,000 contestable fund has been granted to eight faculty members; with a further three allocated support from the undergraduate Professional Development budget. Four faculty members have been offered extra research time and two also get support from the Postgraduate Professional Development budget.

Research Fund Allocations

Steve Carr (Fine Arts and Photography)

Funding towards: A series of new films at Michael Lett in Auckland, June 2011

Bronwen Gray (Arts Therapy)

Funding towards: Conference presentation at SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques – Vancouver, August 2011

Sonya Lacey (Graphic Design)

Funding towards: Materials and publication costs for a solo exhibition at St Paul Street Gallery, Auckland.

Amanda Levey (Arts Therapy)

Funding towards: A presentation/ workshop at the World Congress of Psychotherapy in Sydney in August and attendance at the ERCARTe (European Arts Therapy Educators) conference in Italy in September.

Zoe Nash (Graphic Design)

Funding towards: Body of artwork building upon the 2010 group show, Desire Lines, and to publicly exhibit solo towards the end of 2011.

Becky Nunes (Photography)

Funding towards: Production of a catalogue for a joint exhibition of new works by Becky Nunes and Jan Young, surface, at NKB Mt Eden, June 3 – 26.

Giles Peterson (Contextual Studies)

Funding towards: Presentation at 9th International conference on New Directions in Humanities – Granada, Spain. June 2011.

Christina Read (Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design)

Funding towards: Solo show of sculptures and video.

Professional Development (Undergraduate)

Prue Cunningham (Photography)

Funding towards: A short film production for her MA Screen Production at Auckland University.

Lynnemaree Patterson (Year One and Contextual Studies)

Funding towards: A community art project and exhibition at Manthel van Reijn, Mt Eden

Caroline Powley (Graphic Design)

Funding towards: Course fees and Exhibition/ Publication costs for her final MA submission at AUT.

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