BFA Year 1 Orientation Schedule 2018

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Bachelor of Fine Arts
Orientation Guide Semester 1, 2018

Date: Wed 21st February - Friday 23rd February

Location: Lecture Hall, L5, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell

What to bring: Notebook & Pen

Day One: Wednesday 21st February

9.30am – 10:00am:

Mihi Whakatau BFA Faculty HOD’s/ SMT/ President

Nau Mai Haere Mai - BFA Year One Orientation starts on Wed 21st Feb 2018 and we extend a very warm welcome to all new students. Please join Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design for this important occasion that formally welcomes you to the College.

Assemble inside the Main Entrance – Level 4, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell

10:00am - 10:30am:    Morning Tea (TBC), L5 Foyer Area

10:30am – 11:30am:   Tour of Balfour Road and SBR Studios/ Pearce Gallery/ Computer Labs/ Lecture Hall/ Notice Boards/ IT Technicians/ Toilets/ Library/ Café/ Student Administration.

11:30am -12:30pm:  BFA Year One General Course Information: Level 5, (Lecture Hall). J. Henzell/H. Symonds/ L. Mitchell

  • BFA Year One Faculty
  • BFA Staff Introduction
  • 2018 Student Handbook
  • 2018 Timetable / Course Structure
  • Course Manual Information
  • Course Materials
  • Student ID card Collection

12.30 -1.15pm:    Lunch Break (Student Common Room) or there are a number of food outlets/ cafes near SGBR Studios in Parnell.

1.15 - 2:00pm:    Student Support Services Level 5, (Lecture Hall)

  • Pastoral Care Coordinator L.M Patterson / H. Symonds
  • International Student Support J. Downie/
  • Maori + Pacifika Student Support M. Dowman

2.00 - 2:30pm:

Semester One: Supplementary Elective Course Introduction Level 5, (Lecture Hall) L. Mitchell

  • Term 1 + Term 2 Supplementary Elective Timetable
  • Check Student Course Enrolments

Day Two: Thursday 22nd February

9.00am –10:30am:

Guest Lecture: Rangimarie Hunia (CEO Ngati Whatua Orakei) Treaty of Waitangi

L5, Lecture Hall BFA Year One / Faculty

10:30am - 11:00am:    Morning Tea Break

11:00am – 12:30pm: 

SEMESTER ONE Course Information -  L5, Lecture Hall 
Library Overview - Erich Ranfft
S1 Compulsory Course Class Groups A - F J.Henzell/Leon Mitchell

  • 5101 Drawing _ Course Overview Melissa Dines
  • 5102 Design_ Course Overview Leon Mitchell
  • 5103 Materials + Processes_ Course Overview Matt Dowman
  • Critical + Contextual Studies Overview H. Symonds

12:30pm – 1:30pm:    Lunch Break

1:30pm- 2:00pm:  Students break into their designated Critical and Contextual Studies Groups A - J for following sessions for the remainder of the Orientation Induction on Thursday.

Critical + Contextual Tutorial Introduction (including Course Schedule/Topics)    

IT Induction (including Login to WCAD Computer Labs/Printing/mywhitecliffe info)

  • Group A Studio 01 [M. Dines TBC]
  • Group B L5 Seminar Room [J. Downie TBC]
  • Group C Pearce Seminar Room [J . Teale TBC]
  • Group D Studio 04 [H.SymondsTBC]
  • Group I & J Mezz Lab 01 [Yoon + Leon]
  • Group I & J Mezz Lab 01 [Yoon + Leon]
  • Group G St0 02 [IT Technician]

2:00pm – 2:30pm:

  • Group E Studio 01 [J. Tearle TBC]
  • Group F Studio 04 [M. Dines TBC]
  • Group G L5 Seminar Room [J. Downie TBC]
  • Group H Pearce Seminar Room [H. Symonds TBC]        
  • Group A&B Mezz Lab 01 [Yoon + Leon]
  • Group C Lab 02 [IT Technician]

2:30pm - 3:00pm:

  • Group I Studio 01 [J. Teale TBC]
  • Group J L5 Seminar Room [J. Downie TBC]
  • Group G&H Mezz Lab 01 [Yoon + Leon]
  • Group D St0 02 [IT Technician]

3:00 – 3:30pm:

  • Group E & F Mezz Lab01 [Yoon + Leon]
  • Group H St0 02 [IT Technician]

Day Three: Friday 23rd February

This morning and before the Welcome Lunch students have time to check their Semester One course enrolment's, and timetable with Leon and/or arrange lockers, collect Student ID cards from Student Admin/Reception and collect Course Materials required for the Monday classes.

ALL YEAR ONE STUDENTS are invited to the Whitecliffe Welcome Lunch in Pearce Seminar Room from 12:30pm

10:30 – 11:30am:    PHOTO ID – All students are required to meet Level 3, Studio 3 (Yoon Tae Kim)

12:00pm - 1:30pm: WELCOME Lunch Pearce Seminar Room/L3 Courtyard (LUNCH is provided)

Please remember classes start 9:00am on Monday 26th February 2018. If you are uncertain of whereabouts to meet, please check the Student Notice Board on Level 3 and/or make a time to meet Leon Mitchell ( BFA Year One BFA Coordinator)