BFA Year 1 Orientation Schedule 2019

Date: Tuesday 19th February - Thursday 21st February

Location: Lecture Hall, L5, 24 Balfour Road, Parnell

What to bring: Notebook & Pen

Download a copy of the BFA Year 1 Orientation Schedule 

DAY ONE: Tuesday 19th February

9.30am -10.00am Mihi Whakatau BFA Faculty / HOD’s/ CEO / Pae Ārahi

 Nau Mai Haere Mai - BFA Year One Orientation starts on Tuesday 19th February 2019 and we extend a very warm welcome to all new students. Please join us for this important occasion that formally welcomes you to Whitecliffe College of Art and Design.

10:00am - 10:30 am    Assemble inside the main entrance – Level 04, 24 Balfour Road, Parnel

10:30am -11:15am Morning Tea: Level 05 Foyer Area

Roll Check Leon Mitchell / Matt Dowman / Melissa Dines

•    All students return to Lecture Hall

•    Faculty to check student name off roll

•    Check details on roll (correct if necessary)

11:15am -12:15pm BFA Year One General Course Information:

Level 05, (Lecture Hall) Henry Symonds / Leon Mitchell / Jane Henzell

Year One BFA Faculty

•    BFA Staff Introduction

•    2019 Student Handbook

•    2019 BFA Programme Outline

•    2019 Timetable / Course Structure

•    Course Manual Information

12.15pm -1.00pm  

Photo ID: Level 05 Seminar Room (outside Lecture Hall) Yoon Tae Kim / Leon Mitchell

•    All students are required to have their photo taken before the lunch break

•    Students collect ID from Reception, Level 04

1.00pm - 1.45pm    Lunch Break (There are a range of cafés and eateries located on St Georges Bay Rd and the adjoining streets)

1:45pm - 2:15pm    Student Support Services

•    Pastoral Care Coordinator TBC

•    International Student Support TBC

•    Maori & Pacifika Student Support Matt Dowman

2.15pm - 4.15pm Supplementary Elective Course Introduction: Level 05 (Lecture Hall / Office) Leon Mitchell

•    Supplementary Elective Timetable

•    Check student course & elective enrolments (Leon Mitchell’s office is located at the end of the corridor on Level 03)

DAY TWO: Wednesday 20th February

9.00am - 11.00am Semester One Course Information: L05 (Lecture Hall) BFA Year One Core Studio / Critical & Contextual Studies Faculty

•     Library Overview Erich Ranfft

•     S1 Compulsory Course Class Groups (1-6: Core studio) & (A-F: Contextual) Leon Mitchell

•     5101 Drawing _ Course Overview Melissa Dines

•    5102 Design_ Course Overview Leon Mitchell

•    5103 Materials & Processes_ Course Overview Matt Dowman

•     Critical & Contextual Studies Overview Henry Symonds

11.00am - 11:30am    Morning Tea Break

11.30am -12.30pm    IT Induction: (Mezzanine Computer Lab & Studio 02)

 Login to WCAD Computer Labs / Printing / mywhitecliffe information

11.30am -12.00pm    •    Group A - Mezzanine Computer Lab Yoon Tae Kim

•    Group B - Studio 02 (Level 03) Jordan Ngatupuna

12.00pm -12.30pm

•    Group C - Mezzanine Computer Lab Yoon Tae Kim

•    Group D - Studio 02 (Level 03) Jordan Ngatupuna

12.45pm - 1.45pm 

Workshop Practice Introduction: Identity and Hybridity Workshop Matt Dowman / Leon Mitchell / Melissa Dines /

Henry Symonds / Julie Downie

DAY THREE: Thursday 21st February

10.00am Students meet at Auckland War Memorial Museum:

Begin Identity & Hybridity Workshop Research Matt Dowman / Leon Mitchell / Melissa Dines /

Henry Symonds / Julie Downie

NOTE: Ensure you sign your name off the roll when you begin and finish your workshop research at the museum with one the workshop lecturers.