Health & Wellbeing

At Whitecliffe we provide a number of facilities, services and support to help students adjust and ensure they have a positive and succesful learning experience.


A professional counselling service is available to students upon referral from the Undergraduate Programme Coordinator or an Associate Dean. Whitecliffe supports financially up to three sessions of Counselling per referral. Students are entitled to one referral per year. Subsequent sessions tend to be at the student's expense.


There is no health centre on campus, however Auckland Hospital is nearby and the undergraduate co-ordinator has a list of medical centres close to the campus. For minor injuries first aid kits are available at each campus and selected staff hold current first aid certification. Further information is outlined in the Student Handbook and Whitecliffe Regulations online.

Studying with a Disability

Both Balfour Road and St Georges Bay Road locations have disabled access. Whitecliffe is able to tailor support for students with a disability on a case by case basis. Please notify us prior to or on enrollment if you have a disability. We will discuss your case in order to determine if or how we can address your needs.