Whitecliffe does not offer accommodation yet being centrally located means options for long term stay are not far away. Auckland has many independently run hostels, some provide meals, others allow students to cook for themselves.

Halls and Hostels

Costs start from around NZ$250 per week and usually include food. Homestay students live with a host family in a suburban area with own room where you are treated as one of the family. The host family provides breakfast and dinner. In the weekends lunch is also provided. You experience the New Zealand way of life. Costs range from NZ$180 to NZ$250 per week.

Apartments & Flats

There is a wide range of private accommodation available in Auckland. Costs per room vary from NZ$150 to NZ$400 per week. You should allow a further NZ$75 to NZ$150 for food and other living expenses. It is generally expected that international students allow approximately NZ$10,000 to NZ$20,000 per year for living and accommodation costs.

Please note: The cost of living will vary depending on where you plan to live-inner city or surrounding suburbs.


Rocklands Accommodation Epsom

187 Gillies Ave; Epsom

Phone  +64 9630 0845

Web: Rocklands 

Central Hostel Ltd.

47 St Pauls Street, Central City Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 377 6889

Georgia Parkside Backpackers Lodge

189 Park Road, Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone +64 0508 GEORGIA (0508 436 744)

Unitel Properties

Morningside, Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 815 9187

Youth Hostel Association - Short term only

5 Turner Street, Central City, Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 302 8200

YMCA Hostel

Cnr Pitt Street & Greys Ave, Central City, Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 303 2068

YWCA Hostel

103 Vincent Street, Central City, Auckland 1001, New Zealand

Phone +64 9 377 8763