International Institution Links

Whitecliffe has established student exchange programmes with high performing art and design institutions.

For further details contact the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Henry Symonds

ArtEz Institute of the Arts. The Netherlands

About ArtEZ

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts trains students for professions in which art, knowledge and creativity play a central role.

For more than 3000 students, ArtEZ offers a related selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in visual art, architecture, fashion, design, music, theatre, creative writing, dance and art education. At the same time, ArtEZ is a specialized knowledge institute where lecturers combine theory and practice. ArtEZ works together with a large number of partners at home and abroad, such as other educational institutes, companies, governing bodies and non-profit organizations.

Artistic, intellectual and personal growth.

At ArtEZ, education is focused on students’ artistic, intellectual and personal growth. They are trained in a professional role that closely matches their talent, personality and ambition and they receive support from lecturers who have more than earned their spurs in professional practice. Because of this individual approach, students are well prepared for their future careers as arts and culture professionals.

Crossmedia Design

Both regular and exchange students from across the world study Crossmedia Design at AKI ArtEZ in Enschede. Content and technology are linked through an interdisciplinary approach. Projects carried out in one class are used as a basis for other classes. The teachers are well-versed in multiple fields and techniques, and can therefore familiarize students with all aspects of design. Reality Studios, a practice oriented department, introduces Crossmedia Design students to their future careers through projects for actual clients.