Certificate in Apparel + Fashion Technology – Patternmaking

This Level 4 programme builds on skills learnt in the Certificate in Fashion Technology programme and offers a wide range of core pattern making, cutting and production skills.

Broaden your understanding of the terminology and techniques used in fashion garment production and gain New Zealand qualifications. Extend your fabric knowledge and learn basic computer tasks for garment production, and continue your journey into the realm of commercial fashion design.

Key dates

2021 February intake 15 • 02 • 21

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38 Weeks, full-time in Auckland + Manukau + Wellington


Certificate in Apparel + Fashion Technology – Patternmaking (Level 4) 120 credits


2021 Domestic $7,761 + $300 Student Services Levy
2021 International $18,200 + $300 Student Services Levy
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All 2021 fees are subject to change and regulatory approval

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Certificate in Apparel + Fashion Technology – Patternmaking Course Outline

Study body measurement, create blocks for men, women, and children, and learn to make, adapt, test-fit, and grade a range of patterns for outerwear garments.

This programme will broaden your understanding of the terminology and techniques used in fashion garment production.

You will gain New Zealand qualifications, extend fabric knowledge, and learn computer tasks for garment production whilst continuing your journey into the realm of commercial fashion design.


Why choose Whitecliffe Fashion Tech?

  • We offer programme delivery in the practical, hands-on, technical aspects of the fashion industry.
  • Each year we have high numbers of successful employment placements within the fashion industry with graduates in skilled positions such as fashion design, merchandising, production, and manufacture, fashion styling/buying/retail, and other areas of production management and commercial fashion design.
  • Students in all programmes are immersed in activities that are rich and real; their learning is personally meaningful and is an active processing experience.
  • Classrooms are set up to replicate apparel and fashion workrooms, and practical, industry-based sessions replicate working in the industry.
  • Our tutors and support staff bring extensive and valuable industry knowledge to the programmes, and in preparing students for a career in the fashion industry.
  • Multiple teaching methods and delivery strategies are used to meet the needs of our target learner group and maximise opportunities for students to receive and retain information, promote active engagement with materials, and engage in their own learning and the learning of others.
  • Work experience and internships are a valuable and integral part of all our programmes and enable students to put their learning into context.
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Programme Structure

CPD 1: Pattern Design Technology 1 - Core Sewing Skills

Use core patternmaking skills to make (develop) unstructured flat patterns for outerwear garments for women, men, and children - does not include structured patternmaking such as lingerie or undergarments, swimwear, or tailoring. It also covers taking and recording body measurements or using standard size charts to develop patterns. Patterns are developed, then cut out and sewn up to test-fit to workplace requirements.

CPD 2: Pattern Design Technology 2 - Pattern Development

Select appropriate blocks and patternmaking techniques to adapt and develop patterns for design and/or fit for a range of outerwear garments for women, men, and children - does not include structured patternmaking (see CPD 1). Patterns are adapted, then cut out and sewn up to test-fit for design and/or fit to workplace requirements.

CPD 3: Pattern Design Technology 3 - Grading

Use specified grade rules and zero points, and apply manual pattern grading techniques to grade knitted and woven patterns for structured outerwear garments to workplace requirements. Grading is completed for women, men, and children.

CPD 4: Production Technology

Identify and describe fabric properties, including understanding knit stretch factors, and identifying fabric types such as knitted, woven, and non-woven, to match product end-use. It also covers selecting appropriate apparel componentry and care labelling, and developing specification sheets for unstructured garments to match end-use and legal requirements.

CPD 5: Workplace Practice

The application of accepted procedures and Whitecliffe Fashion Tech requirements that demonstrate an understanding of health and safety requirements, workplace practice, communication skills, and behavioural expectations in apparel and manufacturing organisations.

EOY Showcase

Graduates will be able to:

  • Make, adapt, test-fit, and grade flat patterns for unstructured outerwear garments.
  • Identify fabrics, components, and care labels appropriate to end-use of a garment.
  • Prepare specification sheets and job breakdowns for garments.
  • Communicate patternmaking requirements to customers for a range of unstructured garments.
  • Meet the entry requirements for the Level 5 NZ Diploma in Apparel and Fashion Technology programme.

Key Information for Students

NZ Government key information link for students, that provides more information to support your decision making for this programme

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Where could this programme take you?

Most students who graduate from the Certificate in Pattern Design go on to complete the Diploma in Fashion Technology programme.

Jobs related to this programme

After completing the Certificate in Pattern Design some of the career options open to you are:

Machine Operator with entry-level pattern making skills

Trainee Sample Machinist

Junior Pattern Maker

Assistant Cutter

Swatching/Sample Coordinator

Quality Control

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