Victoria Cullington

Victoria Cullington

Photography Year Three

“Each student has a chance to show their own talent. The course has taught me more about myself than I imagined and enabled me to understand how and why I create,” reflects Year Three Photography student Victoria Cullington.

She describes herself as a very visual person who always saw her stories in pictures.

“So photography made sense.”

Victoria, who was home-schooled for 10 years, enjoys not been overwhelmed by high numbers of students at Whitecliffe and having her own work space.

“Knowing I am not just a number within a larger organisation is important to me.”

A small group exhibition at Whitecliffe’s Pearce Gallery this year has been a highlight.

“Four of us collectively changed the gallery space to challenge the normal clinical-gallery feel. We covered the floor in pine needles and most of the photographs on the wall featured nature. People then walked on the work on the floor. It was very rewarding to see people experiencing the work.”

Victoria Cullington