Tracey Baird

Tracey Baird

“The ability to tell stories visually through photography is a large part of what I do,” says photographer and hair stylist Tracey Baird.

Tracey does all the promotional shoots for Fusion Salon, a hair salon business she set up in 2008 shortly after graduating from Whitecliffe. She also holds photography exhibitions, solo and group, for her personal art photography.

She was a hair stylist before studying at Whitecliffe. Tracey came to Whitecliffe as a mature student, and says she was almost completely computer illiterate." I am so grateful for the patient and knowledgeable tutors I had, as my laptop is now such a valuable tool for my business & art practice

“I decided to study at Whitecliffe to expand my creativity beyond the medium of hair. My art photography explores ideas around the subconscious so it is quite different from Fusion work, which is more fashion based. “

Whitecliffe encouraged Tracey to experiment with her creativity and expand her practical photography skills.

“I have dyslexia and the tutor support I received through out my studies was amazing. I use everything I learned in my daily work now, including use of technology for my business and my art photography.”

" The degree also taught me how to see things in a new way, help develop my overall concepts for my art and fashion photography, and made me become a better artist."

Tracey Baird