Sofia Freeman

Sofia Freeman

“I love working with artists and curators who have incredible ideas, then seeing these ideas take shape and become something powerful and beautiful; their passion and confidence is compelling,” says Sofia Freeman, gallery assistant and assistant curator The Commercial Gallery in Sydney.

Sofia works directly with the director, organising and arranging exhibitions, sales and the general administration of the gallery.

“It’s a fantastic position because I’ve been able to experience how a commercial gallery operates from its initial set up.”

After Sofia graduated from Whitecliffe in 2010, she moved to Sydney and did a Master of Art Curatorship at Sydney University.

While passionate about photography, she realised after Whitecliffe she didn’t want to be an artist.

“I believe an artist must possess an obsessive compulsion to create art and that wasn’t me. Attending art school doesn’t mean you must want to be an artist. There are many different avenues to take with a creative degree.”