Sarah Byron-Wood

Sarah Byron-Wood 

“Images in Space wanted a Whitecliffe graduate because their other photographer is a previous graduate,” says Photography graduate Sarah Byron-Wood.

Images in Space is a digital asset management company that creates and manages a database of product images for retail markets including liquor and wine, pharmaceutical, home appliance and hardware industries.

As photographer and production assistant, Sarah’s role includes dealing with clients and photographing, editing and uploading products into the company’s databases.

“I particularly enjoy the editing. It's where I get to be most creative and I'm constantly learning new techniques,” Sarah says, who is also involved in helping develop a new App for the company.

Even as a child she was mesmerized with the concept of capturing a moment on camera, and now she is finding a range of ways to work with her passion.

“I’ve realized I would love to work as a professional re-toucher so I'm currently looking for courses overseas where I can train in retouching.”