Rainer Weston


Rainer is a lens-based artist who incorporates digital design as well as video, photography and installation techniques into the work that he makes and exhibits. Rainer has lost no time in establishing a national profile as a young emerging artist of note. Recent significant showings have included The Devils’ Blind Spot, curated by Lara Strongman at the Christchurch Art Gallery and The Tomorrow People, curated by Tina Barton, Simon Gennard and Stephen Cleland at the Adam Art Gallery in Wellington. Both exhibitions featured emerging New Zealand artists who were selected from throughout New Zealand. 

When Rainer first started at Whitecliffe he had not considered photography.  “However, when I realised that photography was so much more than I had originally thought and that, at Whitecliffe, it was taught within the context of conceptual and digital media arts, I knew that I could make the kind of art that interested me.” Rainer’s art practice is multi-faceted and uses a variety of different mediums and strategies for producing work including digital painting, custom software, photography, computer generated imagery, writing and sculpture based techniques.

Rainer explains: “A fundamental part of our understanding of the world around us comes from photographs - be it of a place, object, person or culture. I'm more interested in the structures and dynamics that support photography as a subject in of itself. So, I'm interested in the software algorithms that filter and distribute photographs and the way photographs work within our visual vocabulary.

I believe that Whitecliffe, over other art schools, prioritizes students’ individual fields of inquiry. This is an advantage that equips students to tackle issues they are genuinely interested in instead of learning within a narrow scope of formal or aesthetic interest. The Photo Media faculty completely supported me in following my own interests and now I'm making work that is taking me in an exciting new direction.”

Rainer Weston