Melody Jazz Aliivaine Makavani

Melody Jazz Aliivaine Makavani is currently in the midst of her Year 3 studies on the Whitecliffe BFA Photo Media programme. Melody chose to study photography “because I love connecting with different people and creating interesting content for my photographic work, installations and photo zines.”

She grew up with her Niuean family in the tight-knit community of Glendene, West Auckland and attended St. Dominic’s College in Henderson. “When I was a kid, I always used to take photos at family functions for fun, but I got more into it when I started high school where I learned different methods and types of photography. I think in my last year at St. Dominic’s I found my own style of photography and then decided to apply and come to Whitecliffe, as it is a small campus and there seemed to be a sense of community. I also chose Whitecliffe because I thought the type of art I made suited the variety of studies on offer at uni.”

What Melody is enjoying most about studying at Whitecliffe are the lecturers, open-ended briefs, meeting new people and making long-time friends. “I loved my first year of uni because of the broad subject range before finalising my major. This year has been more challenging, but in a good way. The briefs are more focused on one specific area of our photographic studies and more research work is involved. I am enjoying talking through ideas with my lecturers who have helped me become more comfortable with expressing my ideas and talking about my practice.”

“Eccentric people and subcultures, such as youth, skateboarders and goths, keep me inspired and motivated. I am always looking at fashion magazines & zines and watching films. For my photography, I like to show my interest in these groups, interpret and manipulate these subjects into bold colours and weird body forms. I draw illustrations of aliens with stories connecting to real life events. I also make limited-edition zines, photo zines and stickers with my sister Zanalee Makavani a.k.a. #BUFFBOIZ. We participate in the annual Auckland Zine Fest at Auckland Art Gallery and create new zines each year. At the moment I’m working on a zine to do with friendship and skateboarding for uni. But I also like to work with sound and moving image."

In the next five-ten years, Melody hopes to be working and collaborating with other artists on various projects, as well as teaching students about photography. Her advice for incoming art students is to “find what you like and don’t make art for anyone else. Make it for yourself.”

Melody Jazz Aliivaine Makavani