Lea Schlatter

Lea Schlatter –

Photography Year Three

“Completing an internship this year at White Studios was a fantastic opportunity to work and build relationships with professional photographers,” says Year Three Photography student Lea Schlatter.

She loves the way her skills have progressed logically through the years of the course, from the breadth and experimentation of Year One through the technical focus of Year Two.

“Now in Year Three I have the space to work on my projects, knowing I have the support of faculty if needed,” she says. “Critiques and weekly meetings with tutors help us stay on track as we work on our projects.”

The Whitecliffe programme structure encourages interaction between the different departments.

“I’m building a community that I’ll be able to settle into after I graduate next year,” says Lea. “It’s enriching and inspiring. These are the people I’ll be working with in future and it’s great to already have strong connections.”

Lea Schlatter