Denise Batchelor

Denise Batchelor

“I could never have predicted the opportunities that have occurred since graduating,” says photographer and video artist Denise Batchelor, who graduated with her MFA in 2011.

A few months after graduating, Denise began working for the TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre (home to Sir James Wallace’s art collection), setting up and managing the gallery shop.

Importantly, however, Denise has continued to immerse herself in her own art practice, often working late into the night in her home studio.

“Creating a profile as an artist can be daunting in the beginning,” she acknowledges. She makes the most of opportunities that exist, submitting work for competitions, exhibitions and residencies.

Her dedication has generated solo exhibitions at Lopdell House Gallery and the Wallace Art Centre, as well as the Auckland Regional Parks Artist Residency 2013. She was a finalist in the National Contemporary Art Awards.

Denise’s work developed hugely over her two years at Whitecliffe.

“Whitecliffe was a catalyst for unlocking a new level of perception within my practice. I learned to trust in the process; to relax around those times when feeling uncertain or blocked. This has been invaluable.”

Denise Batchelor