Emily Raftery

I was a student at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design for four years, which saw me complete the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2006, majoring in photography. I am now working in, and running my own professional freelance photography business. My main passion and focus is on weddings and portraits, but I also work on fashion, events, and various commercial jobs.

During my time at Whitecliffe I always had a strong interest in working with people as the subject of my photographs. The lecturers respected and nurtured that, by giving me key photographic artists to study, and showing me techniques that I could apply directly to my particular interest in the field. I felt that the lecturers at Whitecliffe all gave me a fantastic start to my photographic career, as specific workshops were held within the photo department to give us a strong technical education, and the theory and conceptual focus of lectures provided a fantastic balance. In the technical tutorials, everything was covered from understanding how colour film is developed and processed, to using large format and Hassleblad cameras, and to intensive lighting studio training where we were also working with gels and all different light scenarios, which has proven excellent training in my commercial practice now.

The lectures that focused on the theory and practical side of photography were not only key in understanding the history behind photography, but very relevant to the present time, as much of what we see today is appropriated from some past form of art style or movement in history.

On the whole I found my time and education at Whitecliffe, has been a strong foundation for my career in photography. Even though it is an ‘arts’ based college, my path towards commercial photography was well respected, and all the help, guidance and assistance I received there has enabled me to succeed and be where I am today.

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