Georgia Periam


Georgia was selected as the winner of the 2016 Wikiriwhi Scholarship Award and used her award to attend a photography workshop at the international Obscura Festival, held each August in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Commenting on this experience Georgia says “It is an achievement I never thought possible when I started studying at Whitecliffe. Being part of this workshop gave me the chance to expand my practice, to see how this translates within another culture, to receive critical feedback and to work with others photographers from around the world.”

“From conceptual art and documentary making, to business studies and exhibition preparation, Whitecliffe has prepared me well,” says Georgia who recently started a job as producer for Proof Agency (a photography agency) where she is enjoying working alongside talented photographers and other creatives who are providing insight into ways to sustain a creative practice outside of tertiary walls.

She feels ready for her transition into employment because of the creative industry internship opportunities she experienced while studying, including working for Process Studios, Kingsize Studios and photographer Lee Howell. Alongside the agency job, Georgia is continuing her own photographic practice, and has entered her latest photo book, Georgia in George Town, into worldwide competitions.

“I’m keen to see where that goes. I want to continue creating images and works that explore one's self and identity, looking at how it is fluid and forever changing with the influence of society. Where these images lead will be a daunting, yet exciting journey.”

Georgia Periam