Yann-Ru Yang


“Studying Photo Media has given me the opportunity to explore a passion for photography I’ve had since I was young,” says Photo Media graduate Yann-Ru Yang. “Living in such a lens-based world today, Photo Media has proven to be a valuable, useful and flexible choice of major.”

While in her final year at Whitecliffe, Yann-Ru was the 2016 winner of the prestigious Eden Arts Art Schools Competition with a multi-media installation that drew on her personal experience as a first-generation Taiwanese New Zealander.

She can’t praise Whitecliffe enough for the creativity, support and one- on-one sessions offered to her and her peers by lecturers who were often practicing artists themselves.

“The critiques we had with lecturers and students spurred us to broaden our creative thinking and work beyond what we thought we were capable of. The lecturers spared no effort in immersing us into the arts community, like organising artist/curator talks outside of Whitecliffe.”

Yann-Ru is now focusing on her own creative photographic projects and her freelance career with a view to owning her own business and studio. “Studying at Whitecliffe was certainly the best option for a young developing artist like myself.” 

Yann-Ru Yang