Eilish Clark


“Whitecliffe is a great place to learn. We are not just taught technical skills like how to take a photograph, the grounding in fine arts supports our studies, extends our thinking and provides a more well-rounded education.”

Eilish explains “being surrounded by other like-minded students and designers, along with supportive lecturers who really care about their students and invest in us has meant that my learning experience at Whitecliffe has been everything I chose Whitecliffe for. Eilish is currently interning at Proof Agency which she says “is really exciting” and sees her career moving towards becoming a fine arts photographer.

“The Year 3 internship programme has really helped me to figure out my path. I have been learning about how to run an agency, marketing strategies, lighting situations, as well as exhibition and event planning. “

“All the faculty at Whitecliffe go the extra mile and the student-teacher relationship develops into one that is more like colleagues and is something that I have greatly valued.”

Eilish Clark