James Black


“Working at NZ Fashion Week alongside some of NZ and Australia's top photographers for my third year internship gave me invaluable exposure to the industry I’m now part of,” says Photo Media graduate James Black.

James works as a photography assistant for Stephen Tilley Photography while developing his own commercial practice shooting images for a variety of magazines and corporate clients, including Mindfood, Mindfood Style and NZ Weddings.

“I hope to continue assisting over the next year or two to enhance my skills, and further the relationships I have built within the industry to help maximise future opportunities,” he explains.

James found Whitecliffe an inspiring learning environment that not only helped establish him in the creative industry, but also engaged him with imagery and artwork in a critical way.

“I left Whitecliffe with an expansive knowledge base and keen technical skills, which enabled me to get work within the creative industry right after I had graduated.”

He says the Whitecliffe environment encourages risk taking and allows cross-disciplinary exploration. He particularly enjoyed group critique scenarios, gaining feedback from peers and offering advice in return.

“I also enjoyed the one-on-one nature of meetings with faculty members, as they both supported and challenged me in my development.”

James Black