Rodney Quach

Rodney Quach

“I have always been highly creative and Whitecliffe opened a window to all the creative fields for me to pick and choose from,” says Mediaworks motion graphics designer Rodney Quach.

Initially Rodney channelled his creativity into cooking but would also sketch portraits of regular patrons at the bar where he worked. His boss was so impressed he set up a wall for the portraits.

“Everyone kept telling me I had talent I wasn’t using so I enrolled at Whitecliffe, on my brother’s suggestion, to do a fine arts degree.”

Rodney majored in Graphic Design, focusing on motion graphics in his Year Four.

He says the ability to apply graphic design knowledge to motion has set him apart in the workplace.

“Most motion graphic artists lack graphic design skills and vice versa. So being able to do both confidently really helps to set me apart.”

Rodney’s skill set was quickly acknowledged. He had a job lined up as motion graphic designer at Eyeworks, formerly Touchdown TV, before he’d completed his degree. He was there most of 2012 and was then recommended to Mediaworks by a former Touchdown designer.

Rodney says undertaking a fine arts degree not only taught him the importance of working hard and taking on challenges, it also gave him a different focus.

“It made me feel like I was on the path to fulfil my potential.”

Rodney Quach